Host Books ERP

In today’s world of Globalization and advancement of Information as an entrepreneur, one must have very professional Accounting Management System that takes care of all the Financial aspects of a Business Unit. Now a days Automation encompasses every aspect of the Business and in turn every Department of a Business Unit needs to be automated and updated with changing needs of the particular Domain. A business flourishes when all the domains are fully automated and updated. Host Book is an Accounting software that takes the pivotal position in managing the Financial aspects of an Organization.

Implementation of the Host Book Accounting Software increases the Productivity of the organization. Automation coupled with less Human Resource decreases the expenditure and improves the accuracy. Automation makes the system error free and repetitive and monotonous work is eliminated.

Host Book Software increases the efficiency and the report of the required domain can be obtained in one click. It eliminates the mistakes and thereby increases the effectiveness of the concerned system

Host Book Software is secure. With many people working in a system there are always chances of data leak. Manhandling of data is checked and every information is under the control of the management.

Host Book Accounting Software comes in various variants and covers different domain viz: Accounts, GST, TDS, E-Way and above all the integration of all the domains. Primarily Host Book Accounts is customized for Business that focus on only Account Management with integration of invoicing and inventory besides facility of Bank Reconciliation. Host Book GST basically deals with the filing of GST Returns. Host Book TDS deals with TDS and PAN validation. Host book All in One integrates all the three version in one and is highly beneficial for Businesses that wants to increase the productivity and efficiency and consolidate the position in the market.