Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System

Hotels comes under Hospitality Industry. Competition is very fierce in Hospitality Industry as customers have various options that allows them enough flexibility. With increasing Digital Marketing, the competition has attained the next level with changed orientation.

Efficiency and effectiveness are the key to success in Hospitality Industry. Hotel Management system provides synergy that carves a niche in itself. Right from the search of Hotels to the Room(s) Booking, Confirmation and allocation of the said room, Transportation of Guests, Check-ins, maintenance and monitoring of the room services and even check-outs besides management of Refreshments and other services are the vital areas in which a Hotel Management System works.

Hotel Management can control the different vital areas of services by just going through the user-friendly Management System Software. Right from the Front Office management to the Back End Management with the goal to Excel in Customer Service can only be achieved by customized software.

Nowadays it is better to improve the relationship with the guests in Hospitality industry rather than spending the valuable time in managing the routine work with very marginal output resulting in lose of the market share.

Package Details



  • Delivery Time: 7 Days
  • Renewal Charges: 7999+ GST
  • Quick check-ins
  • multiple category selection with multiple rooms
  • Manage Hotel expenses
  • Manage Reservations (Check-ins, check-outs)
  • Manage food items
  • Manage product stocks
  • Manage room types and rooms
  • Manage room amenities
  • Manage users
  • Manage user permissions
  • Manage site settings
  • Manage to housekeep orders
  • Manage laundry orders
  • Manage room price season wise
  • Manage vendors
  • Manage multi-language
  • Manage food orders (Room and Table orders)
  • Swap Room after booking
  • Available/Booked room shown in the calendar
  • Advance pay after booking
  • Print Advance pay slip
  • Easily filter CheckOuts and food orders
  • Export excel CheckOuts, food orders, expenses, customers
  • Print multiple invoices (Kitchen invoice, final food invoice)