Privacy Policy

For us, the safety of our clients is our top-most priority. We respect our customer’s Personal Information and thus stay committed that the collected data is not used in the wrong manner. We safely store all the information provided by our customers including all the personal information collected like address, phone number, etc. We adhere to the highest standards so that safe and secure transaction can be done on our website. All the present and tentative customers are encouraged to go through all the information and dissemination practices posted on our website.

Our Rynow Infotech Privacy Policy is aimed at serving our customers in a delighted way, especially who are concerned about knowing how their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) will be used by us. PII is information that is used to identify and contact a person who recently has visited our website. By reading our privacy policy, the customers will have a better understanding of the way we collect, use; protect our customer’s PII as per our website.

Note: We can make alternations in our existing privacy policy at any point of time without sending any notice in advance to our customers. So you are suggested to check the privacy policy on regular basis to know about the changes, if any.

Privacy Policies: What and Why?

The types of personal information collected from users

  • How personal information obtained from the customers is used
  • How personal information is saved
  • What are the rights of the users and how they are protected
  • Which cookies do we used and why

To protect the rights and privacy of online customers around the world, we adhere to all the business laws that directly affect our business.

What is the purpose of collecting the information from our visitors?

We get the information about our customers when they visit our website and submit the required information asked while doing the registration. The information shared is stored in our database and the same piece of information is used while doing internal research on our existing users’ demographics, interests, and their preferences to understand and serve the users in a more satisfied manner. The main motive of doing this is to provide a customized and efficient customer interaction along with safe user experience.

With whom we share the information collected so far?

We do not rent, sell neither share our customers’ Personal Information with third parties except as mentioned in the Privacy Policy. We might transfer or disclose Personal Information to our subsidiaries and other affiliated companies involved in serving our customers/users in one or the other way and to provide our users a better user and service experience.

Additionally, Client’s and End User’s Personal Information will be disclosed to other trusted-third party service providers or partners for the reason including:

  • Storing Personal Information on our behalf
  • Helping us with our business operations and in improving the Software
  • Doing research, technical diagnostics, and analytics related to the Software.

Do we use ‘Cookies’?

Cookies are used as a medium to understand the taste and preferences of the users that are based in the last or current online activity on our site.

  • The reason we use cookies is to safeguard the preferences of the users for the future.
  • To keep a close eye in all the advertisements posted on the page.

Third-party disclosure

We do not sell or share the Personally Identifiable Information of our clients with thirds parties with wrong intention. We ensure that no third-party products or services are mentioned on our website. Also, you may come across some third party links or advertisement on our website while exploring our services and website. Your clicking on those links or ads is at your own responsibility.    

Is your Personal Information shared with others?

We share the personal information of our users only with the corporate entities and affiliates who will use the information further to trace, detect, and reduce the occurrence of theft, fraud, and other potential illegal acts. If you raise any objection to these sharing, you are requested not to share any information with us. We also restrict many other businesses and individuals to do any kind of functions on our behalf as per the Privacy Policy of our company.

How long the information collected so far remains with us?

At any time, you or your End Users can ask to change, update, correct errors or delete Personal Information by sending an email to us. Till the time you have not instructed us, the information provided by you will remain as it is with us. The Company has an archiving process that mentions the time period till the time information will be made available. After the archiving period is over, the information is archived, and Client can restore it in case required.

What are our customers’ rights?

You may contact us at via an email regarding any issue. In order to access, delete, change or update any personal data relating to your account, you are supposed to inform us using different medium of contacts preferably using email communication.

Updates to Our Privacy Policy

We may revise or reconsider our Privacy Policy on regular basis and when we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we share the latest policy on the website for a better understanding of our customers and to keep our user updated with the changes or amendment in our Privacy Policy.

You are encouraged to review and read our Privacy Policy regularly so that any changes, if applicable, can come to your notice. In the case of material changes, we will inform you via our Software or by email.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries concerning Rynow Infotech Privacy Policy, you may contact us.