Google Adwords / Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is an advertising model meant for internet users. It is used by our company to know the users who are following us and segregate them on the basis of Region, Location and Language etc so that we can serve them better according to the Requirements.

It helps us to position our brand in a much effective way to our customers so that our Marketing Goals can be achieved. Thepotential Customers can be traced and converted. It is result oriented. In short it can be said that it measurable and trackable. It also helps us to make changes in our budget as per the requirements.

By Optimization PPC offers quick entry and help us to connect to those people who are aware of our brand, but due to some reasons are not our followers or user of our products/services. In this way it helps us to solicit new prospects and customers.

PPC also offers flexibility in Advertisement Budgets and Bids seeing the traffic. If the traffic increases, we can scale up our budget so that hot leads can be converted and served as per the demanded requirements. Flexibility in Editing and Optimization in between the running of advertisement is a great boon. It also works well with other Channels of Marketing. Due to it Synergy comes in play and the Customers also get benefited.

Package Details

999+GST/Every 5000 Rs.


  • Consulting for Conversion Code
  • First Call Setup
  • Bid Management with Keyword Research -1000
  • Analyzing Competitively
  • A - B Advertisement Copy Testing
  • Tracking Conversion
  • Tweaking Campaign
  • Reporting Weekly