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CRM Software which is called as Customer relationship management is widely used by almost every company or business and you can get this software at a reasonable price from us “CRM software provider company in Delhi”. CRM software helps in organizing and easy access to the customer’s data by different department of your company. Every user of your company can easily access this database created by CRM. Because of it, CRM helps businesses in scaling up and helps in getting more leads and customers, which directly would definitely increase your profits and we are the best CRM software provider company in Delhi which can provide you this useful software. Let’s talk about some benefits of using CRM.

Rynow Infotech CRM Software Services Provider Company in Delhi

Benefits of CRM

  • 1 Increase Sales Performance - CRM Software helps in increasing sales performance by allowing you to identify potential leads from the historical database. So you can easily identify those who buy regularly and try to sell them something again, it will surely increase your conversion rate. CRM Software Provider Company

  • 2 Increase Profits - There is no doubt that CRM Software helps in increasing profits not just by increasing sales but in some other ways also. With the help of CRM software, your employee can easily identify what is the problem that your consumer’s facing and you would be able to work on it in less time. It will also help you in providing better after sales service to your customer which will make your company trustworthy and in the long run, your profits will surely increase. Crm Software provider company in Delhi

  • 3 Data Security – With the help of CRM software you can keep your all the important data under one roof - CRM. You can also create a system where only selected employees would able to access those data. It will also reduce the chance of being hacked or stolen.

  • 4 Faster the process of Decision MakingCRM Software allows you to have a look over the data anytime and it will show you accurate real-time data. This means you can take a quick decision while keeping all the data in your mind.

  • For example - by looking at the data you got to know that your supply chain is lacking somewhere so you can quickly take action on them and solve the problem in very less time.

  • Rynow Infotech Provide CRM Software in All over India

CRM Software Services provider

Notification & Alerts

  • Accounting & Finance Auto Communication
  • Service Desk Auto Communication
  • Inventory & SCM Auto Communication
  • Human Resource Auto Communication

Lead Capturing & Distribution

  • Capturing New Lead: “Single Lead matters for Company
  • BORG Lead capturing methods
  • Lead distribution
  • Reminder of follow ups

Daily Lead Tracking Logs

  • Executive Tracking Logs
  • Manager Tracking Logs
  • Admin Tracking Logs
  • Export Tracking Logs

Insightful Analytics & Reporting

  • Real Time Individual Performance
  • Real Time P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Receivable Reports,Payable Reports,Payroll Reports
  • Order Tracking ,Stock Tracking,Shortage Stock Tracking,Out Stock Report
  • Attendance Report,Salary Statistics,Leave Statistics,Reimbursement Report

Human Resource Interface for Employee

  • Holiday Calendar
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Track Assets
  • Manage Reimbursement:

External Third Party Interface

  • Distributors, Channel Partners, Dealers access
  • Real time External Data syncing
  • Distributor Dashboard
  • Channel Partner Network Dashboard

Service Customer Interface

  • Ticket Open / Reply Ticket / Track Ticket
  • Chat-Instant Communication or Rapid action Force
  • SLA-Service Level Management

Target Setting

  • Helps to Meet Company’s financial goal
  • Improve sales team potential
  • Easy to supervise

Multi Channel Customer Communication

  • Multi-Communication channels
  • Online Ticketing System
  • Chat (Instant communication or Rapid action Force)
  • Email Communication