EPF Consultation Service

EPF Consultation Service

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is a saving scheme in which primarily Retirement benefits are associated, but several other benefits are also associated with it. Government of India supervises it. Under EPF Scheme an employee and employer has to equally contribute to this scheme. The employee gets benefited by it because on superannuation the employee gets a lumpsum amount including self and employer’s contribution with interest. This leads to financial planning of the retired employee.

Earlier people thought that this scheme is only for Organizations controlled by Government, but with passage of time Government initiative has shown the path to private organizations also well and they are opting this scheme.

Our company takes initiative that people must know the benefit of this EPF Scheme. This scheme is open both for Government and Private Enterprises and any organization that employs at least twenty employees can opt for this scheme.

EPF Scheme has catered to over five crores employees and the accrued interest on EPF is Tax free and can be withdrawn without paying the tax.

The EPF Online Portal is User friendly and the member of EPF can avail its various services by accessing the official website.

Besides the Capital Appreciation, the EPF Scheme also helps its member in case of emergency requirement of fund that is truly a boon. Wee must appreciate our Government Initiative for the same