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IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Rynow Infotech is committed to help you achieve higher efficiencies, a strategic competitive advantage and cost reductions in your business. Helping you with the setting up of virtual numbers is part of our mobile marketing services.

Virtual numbers are 10 digit telephone numbers. A virtual number (also known as DID) does not have a dedicated physical connection but when a caller dials a virtual number, the call is routed through a service provider to specified numbers. The main benefit of virtual numbers is that your number can appear to be local in any country and callers are charged at the local call rates or, if so configured, as toll-free numbers. Virtual numbers help you extend your reach and elicit better responses from target markets in any geographic location.

Rynow Infotech has excellent tie ups with VoiP and telecom operators and we will arrange to set up a virtual number for you. The virtual number service features call forwarding to one or a set of telephone numbers with further customization as regards times at which such calls should be forwarded so that you can ensure that caller always connects with the right person. Call conferencing, recording, 24x7 availability, and a boost in sales leads are but a few of the benefits of having a virtual number. Call us to know more.